Personalize your Bamboo Tumbler.

Don't forget to read the design guidelines!



A short lecture on style economies

You get a sample of our style when you purchase our products, and we get a taste of your style when we put your design on it.  With such a mutual arrangement whats not to love?

Well, as it turns out, customising products usually involves a really painful process of emailing back and fourth with dozens of design revisions (usually closely followed by a coffee overdose).  But this is the case no longer (alas, no more excuses for excessive coffee consumption)!  With our new product personaliser designer-iser you can perfect your own custom designs right here in your web browser.  With this tool you can add and arrange text and images to you hearts content, no matter what your blood coffee content is.

Although you could put paper jam in your jar, you can't put your jar in a copier without it jamming.  And then you really need to take precautions against an ant invasion...  What we mean to say is reproducing your design on a bamboo surface isn't as straight forward as printing memes to put on your office cubicle wall, and in the neighbouring tabs there are some design guidelines you should be aware of to give your design every chance of making it into the real world exactly as nature intended.  Click through, take note, create!

Your design will be etched onto your Bamboo Tumbler using a fancy blue-ish coloured laser (pew pew pew!).

Contrary to popular culture, lasers weren't developed long ago in a galaxy far away, and and the technology isn't perfect and there are limitations to what we can produce.  As a general guide keep it simple!  As a less general guide:

  • Our laser is capable of producing at least two tones - black and burnt.  Under special circumstances we can can produce several shades of burnt, but we recommend avoiding using intricate multi-tonal images
  • The laser has a 'kern' (think minimum pixel size) of 0.15 mm, equating to a resolution of 100-150 dpi.  This is further reduced by exposure times (producing 'overburn' - think trying to draw something small and intricate with a blunt pemcil), and natural variations in the oil concentration and grain of the bamboo surface.  We recommend you keep your lines thick (>0.5 mm, ideally more than 1 mm) with plenty of 'white space' between objects
  • Similarly, the laser cannot aesthetically reprodce delicate textures (such as 'brush stroke' and similar effects).

When you place an order with us, you give us permission to make minor modifications to your design in order to suit our equipment.  This may involve re-scaling, re-positioning, and vectorising elements of your design.  Where practical we will attempt to verify modified designs with you prior to production.

We are not IP police, and by using our designer you are agreeing to take full responsibility for the content you incorporate into your design. This means that you promise you wont include content that's not yours in your design (such as registered designs and patterns, trademarks, or any third party copyrighted work). Unless, of course, you have a note from your mum (or a more appropriate form of legally acceptable permission).

You also agree that you are responsible should your design infringe upon any rights of a third party, or cause offence or defamation.


Our products are fashion conscious, and we've not yet convinced all of them to wear the designs that can be produced using this tool.  As is the way with many things in this world, out more 'mature' products are the most well behaved, and there is a selection of these available to be customised.

You can choose which product to customise via the 'SWAP PRODUCT' tab, at this time available products include:

  • Large Bamboo Tumbler Classic
  • Regular Bamboo Tumbler Classic
  • Regular Bamboo Stopper
  • Large Bamboo Stopper

PS  at this stage we only offer customisation of the top face of our lids.  Contact us if you would like to brand both sides of a lid (minimum quantities apply).

We have some pre-loaded images for you to choose from in the 'CHOOSE FROM DESIGNS' tab. Some category's include, wreaths, patterns and icons.

  • Click on the design you like
  • Re-scale the design using the little arrows in the bottom right corner of the image selected.
  • you can duplicate the image you selected but using the icon in the top left of the image selected.
  • If you want to rotate the image use the little icon in the top right of the image selected.
  • if you don't like your selection you can delete it by hitting the trash can in the bottom left of the image selected.
  • You can use more than one image and layer the images to get the look your after.

To add text select the 'ADD TEXT' tab.

  • Type the text you want.  You can add a whole line of text or just one word.
  • The text can be resized by dragging from the handles on the text box edges.
  • The font can be changed via the white bar/drop down menu. Only fonts which have been shortlisted by us as 'laser friendly' are able to be used.
  • To create curved text use the 'CURVED TEXT' icon (on the bottom second from the right). You must flick the SWITCH icon to on.  The radius, spacing and curve orientation can all be configured.
  • We encourage the use of responsible language.  If you wouldn't hear a word said on the nightly news we won't put it on one of our products.