Years ago, four robots in stasis, awoke to find themselves in the strangest of places… the rest, as that say, is history.

Alternatively, if you don’t believe in space moon rock alien robots, you might prefer to believe that your Bamboo Tumbler Lid is the result of necessity, a ‘simple’ vision, and a touch of some sort of hyperactive disorder. When beloved wife thought of the concept of a wooden tumbler lid, she sought the assistance of big industry to make it happen.

Unfortunately, ambitious wives are an unfamiliar concept in big industry, and with a baby bump she wasn’t taken very seriously. Enter endearing husband, who crafted the first wooden tumbler lid using an assortment of small parts from the hardware store.

For a time our bamboo tumblers were made by the same technique as the very first prototype (under our old name Poppy’s on Penshurst). In recent years, the popularity of our tumblers necessitated that we become more inventive – and we did so by building our own manufacturing equipment, which now sometimes works more than it doesn’t.

What’s hasn’t changed since the Poppy’s on Penshurst days, is that when the very lid in your hand was conceived, husband (Tim) was most likely piloting the machine in 35+deg C tropical conditions, whilst wife (Penny) was probably operating the laser, whilst responding to online queries, whilst entertaining a two year old, cleaning up after a puppy, and more than likely looking forward to an end-of-the-day smoothie from a new prototype tumbler lid that no one else in the world has seen yet.
We hope you enjoy using your tumbler as much as we have enjoyed the journey of creating it.