One of my all time favorite smoothies!

Here in North Queensland we have mango season every summer. I love mango so have single serve sections in the freezer for easy smoothie making goodness, a whole 5kgs worth! generally lasts until next mango season.

So i use

100 grams of frozen mango ( Bowen if possible )

1 Apple

1  Banana

A couple of pineapple chunks (frozen is great)

250 ml milk, can use coconut water or almond milk for something a little healthier, may need a little more depending on if frozen or fresh ingredients are used.

Blend it all up and then in to the Large Bamboo Tumbler!

Perfect way to enjoy one of North Queensland’s finest foods!

if you add an extra 100 ml of milk or 100 ml of juice it’s just enough to make Mummy and Bear smoothies.



if your feeling creative try swapping the apple for some strawberries, Sooooo good!