Our Aussie Summer was horrifically marked by raging fires that have devastated communities and the environment. Throughout it all discussion has been around climate change and where our responsibilities lies. Like the rest of our beautiful country we have watched on with broken hearts, but also with renewed resolve. At the heart of our little business is the desire to make a difference for our planet by providing sustainable alternatives to single use drinking containers. Our bamboo tumblers may look cute and stylish, but don’t underestimate their bigger impact!

We have an inkling that most of our awesome customers also care about sustainable alternatives so we here’s why we choose to work with bamboo. Our bamboo is Moso Bamboo. We source our raw supplies from an Aussie company based in Victoria. Their bamboo comes from a sustainably managed bamboo plantation in China, which they chose after careful consideration.

Moso Bamboo is a running bamboo that is fast growing, low maintenance and drought resistant once established. When the bamboo is harvested the plant is not removed, but only what is needed is cut and then the root system is left to reshoot and grow back again. Bamboo absorbs a considerable amount of carbon from the atmosphere, more than many trees, and it’s believed that some products made from bamboo are potentially carbon-negative. Um hello! And it is highly adaptable to changing climate conditions. In fact it can be grown to restore degraded land as it will grow on steep slopes where nothing else will, with its roots regulating water flow and stopping erosion. See, practically a super hero!

It’s exciting to think that the humble bamboo can save our forests and fight climate change! We know it’s more complicated than that, but it’s the small changes that we all have the power to make which can have big impact. Our passion for environmentally sustainable options, supporting small business and seeing others empowered is a big part of what the bamboo industry is about. This low cost, easy to grow, minimal input, multi-use crop is changing not only the environment, but the local communities where it is produced. So as you sip on your drink from your fave bamboo tumbler you can feel all warm and fuzzy knowing that this choice was a superhero moment for you.